At Whitman, we encourage our students to take PSAT exam in grades 10 &/or 11 and either the SAT or ACT exam in grades 11 & 12.  

The PSAT exam is given at Whitman Academy in the fall. Students are responsible for the cost of the exam (usually around 10 JD). Scores for the PSAT are useful in predicting how students will fare when taking the SAT exam. By taking this exam, students are given an opportunity to spot their weaknesses so that they can address these prior to sitting for the SAT (which is required by most US universities).

The SAT exam is given at the school in May (We are working towards offering the SAT in November as well). Students should register for this exam on-line at SAT subject tests and tests offered on dates other than the November or May dates can be taken at locations other than Whitman Academy.

Students wishing to take the ACT are encouraged to contact Amideast Jordan for information on test dates and locations.