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Classes at Roy and Dora Whitman Academy are held in  a converted 6 story apartment building. Grades 1 and 2 have ground floor access to the sand playground that is equipped with swings and a climbing fort and the large, paved basketball court/play area.   Grades 3 and 4 occupy the second story, grades 5 and 6, the third floor. Classrooms for grades 7-12 are on the 4th-6th floors.  Secondary students have access to the fenced-in roof for break times.

Because of space limitations at the school, physical education classes are held in the outside playground area, no matter what the weather. Drama productions are held at a rented theater, and choir practice and productions are held in a classroom.

The current premises are at maximum capacity and lack the facilities needed for all the activities the school would like to offer.  Though we have added two additional floors to the original building, further changes are prohibited. We are filling every inch and turning children away for lack of space. Please visit our NEW CAMPUS page to help us raise the funds for a bigger school building.

The Whitman Story Unfolding

A taste of things to come!

Since 1994, Whitman Academy has served the expatriate Christian community in Jordan.  It was named after Roy and Dora Whitman who were pioneering missionaries in the Levant Region.  The purpose of Whitman Academy continues to provide the highest quality of education possible for the children of foreign workers living in Jordan.  Most of the students are “Third Culture Kids,” those who do not feel completely connected to their home country culture nor to that of the country they live in. This leads them to create strong bonds among themselves that gives them their own identity or “culture.”

From just three families with children in kindergarten through sixth grade and one experienced, certified, American teacher, Whitman Academy has grown to over 180 students from Grade 1–12 in a five story building, with a national and international staff of 34 full-time and part-time qualified teachers and administrators.

However, we are now ready to move to the next phase of the development of Whitman. As the story unfolds we want you to be a part of the journey with us. Come join us and help us make this story richer.