Courses in our high school (grades 9-12) reflect the rhetoric stage of development, and encourage students to engage in the higher levels of critical thinking as they learn to make faith and learning their own.  Students actively engage with ideas, develop their own beliefs, and articulate and defend these positions.  Students confront secular and/or controversial issues and evaluate these issues from a Christian perspective.

Students complete a minimum of 60 hours of community service, further exposing them to a wide variety of people and ideas and instilling in them a desire to impact the world around them in a positive manner.  Student leadership programs encourage students to make and implement decisions to benefit the school and local community.  Through these programs, students develop an awareness of their place in the greater global community, and discover ways to walk out their faith as they engage this community.

Whitman Academy offers two tracks in our secondary department.  Upon graduation, our students qualify for entrance into a standard four year university or into a technical/trade school.  A variety of academic, creative, and technical courses are offered allowing students to grow spiritually, academically, emotionally, and creatively into well-rounded, mature individuals.  We offer standard and advanced placement course options in a number of our core subjects.  Field trips, laboratory exercises, student-led discussions, physical education, and active learning opportunities are integral to our academic program.  During grades 11 & 12, students prepare for college entrance exams as offered by the College Board in the United States.