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Content Area

Credits Required

Course Offerings – ® indicates required

English 4 credits English 9, 10, 11, 12, AP English AP Courses will be offered in English Language and Composition & English Literature and Composition.
Mathematics 4 credits/3 credits for those headed to technical schools or community colleges. Algebra I, II, III, Geometry, Advanced Math and Trigonometry, AP Calculus
Business or Consumer Math will be offered when needed, pending the availability of an instructor.
Math options in Junior High are tailored to student math proficiency and readiness.
Students averaging 70% or lower in our Eighth Grade Algebra I will not receive high school credit for the course and must repeat Algebra I in Grade Nine. Students who average is 71-79% will be advised to repeat Algebra I in high school.
AP Calculus will be offered but may be either AB or BC as determined by the instructor’s evaluation of student readiness.
Science 3 credits Physical Science, ®Biology, Chemistry, Physics/Astronomy, AP Physics One credit must be from the Physical Science Category.
Environmental Science & AP Biology will be offered if a teacher can be arranged.
Social Studies 3 credits Ancient History, Medieval History, Modern History from an American Perspective, ®Comparative Government (.5)/Economics(.5) Modern History is recommended for American students who need to fulfill a US History requirement for college entrance.
AP History will be offered only when a teacher can be arranged.
Additional Science or Social Studies 1 credit* *For those headed to technical schools or community colleges, this additional credit could be in science, social studies, or math.
Fine Arts 1 credit Art, Drama, Band Students MAY earn Fine Arts credit through participation in instructional programs outside of Whitman such as Baptist School Band, formal music lessons, dance lessons, etc.
The outside course would first have to be preapproved by the Whitman administration and meet a specified number of participation/teaching hours (65 for ½ credit, 130 for 1 credit).
Hours would need to be logged by the student and officially signed off by the teacher of the course. Approved record sheets would then earn credit.
Foreign Language 2 credits of the same language
** Credits will be waived for those headed to technical schools and community colleges.
Conversational Arabic I, II, III
Classical Arabic I, II, III(High school credit will not be given for any of these classes taken in Grade 7 or Grade 8)
Bi-lingual students are still required to take a foreign language other than their native tongue OR engage in two years of documented formal study of their mother tongue at a higher level.
2 credits of Foreign Language MAY be granted for completion of a successful “O” level study program and “O” level test.
Other languages may be offered, but this is subject to the availability of a teacher.
Students may take outside or accredited on-line courses if they wish to study a language not offered at Whitman.
Health/Physical Education 1.5 credits

®Health (0.5 credits) and PE

(1 credit)

Students will need to take the activity component of their PE for two of the three years offered (0.5 credits per year). Seniors can take PE, if desired, and it fits their schedule. Students can only accrue up to 2 PE credits.
Religious Studies 2 credits

Bible 9, 10, 11, Senior Seminar

(0.5 credits)

Every year while at Whitman. Transfer students will be exempted from those years not at Whitman but will need to make-up missing credits with elective credits.
Computer No Requirement Computer Electives may be offered. Focus on basic computer competency in Grades 7 and 8.
High School curriculum will integrate technology based skills including Power Point Presentations, Excel Spreadsheets, etc. which demonstrate computer competency.
Electives 2.5 credits A class taken above content area requirements. Selection of electives will depend on availability of instructional staff.
Community Service 60 hours (15 must be in service to the local community) Students will be encouraged to do approximately 15 hours/year rather than delay serving.
Transfer students will be exempted from 15 hours per year for the years that they were not students at Whitman.
TOTAL CREDITS 24 CREDITS/ 21 CREDITS 21 credits required for those headed to technical schools or community colleges.

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