Dear Roy & Dora Whitman Academy Community,

Today (May 31st) is the last day of regular classes for secondary before finals! After today, the school day will end at 1:00.

The whole school is gearing up for the exciting events we have planned during the last week of school.  Sunday is graduation; Wednesday morning is the elementary field day; Wednesday evening is secondary awards night; Thursday morning is the elementary awards ceremony and the secondary end-of-year party at the water park. We will squeeze in final exams for grades 9-12 in there somewhere.

I want to thank all of you parents for your support and help throughout the year. So many of you have chaperoned field trips, provided food for class parties, bake sales, and teacher meetings, substituted for sick teachers, helped with community service projects, prayed, encouraged, loved the students and staff, and so much more. You all have been part of making our school community amazing.

It is such a privilege to serve you all!


Julia J. Nuqul M. Ed. Ed. D.

Head of School

Roy & Dora Whitman Academy

Amman, Jordan

NEXT ANNOUNCEMENT: February 22, 2017

Dear Roy & Dora Whitman Academy Community: Thank you for all your input on the uniform issue! We genuinely listened to all your concerns and comments and have decided to make the transition into uniforms more gradually. Items being supplied by the uniform vendor (except the skirt) can be ordered from the school.  Parents who wish to order items from the school’s vendor will fill out an order form (available in the school office) and bring it or send it to the school office, by May 30 in order for the items to be ready in August. The week of August 14-19, 2017, the school will be open to distribute orders and to sell additional items as needed.

The amount of the uniform purchase will be added to the school bill. Parents may also purchase polo shirts and trousers from the vendors of their choice.  However, all polos will need to have a Whitman patch applied and be in the approved colors.  A Whitman patch will be available for purchase during orientation week. Please click on the link below to view the chart for information about approved Roy & Dora Whitman Academy uniform guidelines that explains how the transition will work from 2016/2017 to 2017/2018.



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